The Sunny Side of Schizophrenia: Growth

The Sunny Side of Schizophrenia: Growth

Schizophrenia can be debilitating; the fear, hallucinations, depression, anger, and chaos associated with the disease have the power to wreak havoc on a stable life. People living with schizophrenia face particularly strong stigma and rightfully fear discrimination. Some feel that they must keep their sickness a secret from colleagues, friends, and even family. Most have trouble getting employed.

The symptoms and stigma of schizophrenia yield many struggles, but acknowledging the growth that those managing their mental illness experience can be a bright spot of dealing with the disease. Rebecca Chamaa, a writer with schizophrenia, points out a few ways she’s grown as a result of living with her mental illness:

  • Increased compassion and empathy. Since Rebecca understands how disruptive of a force schizophrenia can be, she feels deep compassion for those struggling with the disease more than her, like homeless, imprisoned, and medication resistant people. Thinking about the suffering of these people inspires her to be an advocate for them.
  • She works hard at relationships. Rebecca knows how her illness can be tough on the ones she loves. She feels profound gratitude for them weathering the darker times and helping her back to the light. When stable, she strives to actively appreciate her support networks.
  • Strength and hope. Battling schizophrenia has made her a more resilient, optimistic person. While schizophrenia has knocked her down, she always picks herself back up, and is stronger for it. She knows she can handle whatever her disease throws at her.

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