4 Ideas for a Happy and Healthy New Year

4 Ideas for a Happy and Healthy New Year

There’s no better time than a brand new year to take up some healthy habits. These are 4 easy ideas to reduce stress in your life and make for a happy, healthy year.

Walking in nature yields measurable mental benefits and can even reduce risk of depression. Set aside at least a half hour each week to take a walk outside in a green space. It will be a great, regular opportunity to clear your head.

Setting aside time to reflect is a big component of staying mentally healthy. Journaling is a great exercise for stimulating self-reflection. Journaling about your needs and wants will help you align your priorities and set yourself up for success and happiness. Here’s a list of 30 journal prompts that can help get those writing juices flowing. Some prompts from the list include “Using 10 words, describe yourself” and “Make a list of everything that inspires you”.

Music has a lot of power over our mood. Certain songs relax us, others energize us, and some can even make us sad. Craft a playlist of songs that make you feel good. Maybe upbeat pop music lifts your spirit, or perhaps some nostalgic golden oldies make you happy. Whatever works for you, put them all together in a playlist and if you’re having a hard time or feeling down, pop your playlist on for a mood boost. Here’s one example of a feel good playlist.

It’s hard for a brain to be happy if it’s not well-rested. Sleep plays an integral role in our health and happiness. Sleep deprivation increases stress and risk for depression. Strive for a bedtime that’s at least one hour earlier than usual. Adults should get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep.